Norwich Day 1: The arrival

Well, our adventure has begun today. This moring, at 4am, all of us were prepred to catch a plane from Barcelona to Norwich.It hasn’t been until 7am that the plane has taken off. We have to say that it has been such a relaxed, but long flight, at least for some of us. By 10am more or less we have landed at London Stansted airport which is far from Norwich center, that is why we have got a bus which has driven us down to Norwich. By 1pm we all were getting down the bus to meet our host family. We were nervous and afraid of what was coming, but we were excited and happy too. In the afternoon every family has done different things. While some of us have decided to go to the shopping mall and visit a little bit the city center, others have stayed at home sharing and spending some time with their family. To conclude, we have to say that it has been such a long but exciting journey. We are all very happy to be able to live this experience in this place and with these people. Let’s see what is coming son!

Marta Nieto