Norwich day 2: Visiting London

Today we went to visit London.
At 7:20 we took a bus to go to our destination: London. It was a very long journey, it took us almost 3 hours to go there.
When we arrived, the first thing we saw as soon as we stepped out of the bus was the London Eye.
Then our tour guide split us in two groups.
With our group we went to visit the London Eye and we saw the Aquarium too. We saw a lot of interesting things and we took photos.
When we finished, we went to see the Big Ben and the Westminster Palace, across the river. Sad thing though, the Big Ben was under reconstruction. After that we crossed the Bridge and we went to the Parliament Square where they were a lot of statues of important people in the history like Ghandi and Lincoln.
Another important place we visited was Westminster Abbey, which is know by having there held a lot important events of the royal family.
We also visited Trafalgar Square, that was constructed to commemorate the Trafalgar battle.
Having finished the tour, we went to a park to eat lunch with the other and group an when we finished we headed to Buckingham Palace, where the Queen lives.
Finally we had free time! We went shopping and saw a lot of shops and we saw interesting shops and places like M&M’s shop and China Town.

At the afternoon we took the bus to go home and we were very tired but we had a good day and made a lot memories in London.

Denise Orellana i Yining Ai