Norwich day 3: Norwich

Today we have met at 9 in the city centre. There we have seen the most important things of Norwich, and we have learnt the history of the city.
First our guide has shown us a house that is crooked, then we have gone down the streets of Norwich and the guide has taken us to the main shops like Primark, Poundland (a shop where everything costs one pound)…
At 11:30 we have gone to the forum, a place where there are a lot of restaurants, and we have eaten lunch. Then we have had a little free time.
At 13:30 we have started our English lessons where we have done a lot of speaking. We have felt very comfortable because our teacher is so close and nice, and he has explained us the typical English dishes. Then, in groups, we have created a menu for our own restaurant.
After a break of half an hour we have ended at 5 o’clock. Then, we have taken the bus and returned home, there we have had a shower and at 19:00 we have had dinner and talked a bit with the family. After that we have gone for a walk on the sorroundings to see the houses, and at 21:00 we have arrived home.

Raquel Pera