Norwich day 5: Visiting Cambridge

Today our destination was cambridge. At 8:30 we all had to be in the English experience academy in order to get on  the bus that would take us to the lovely city of Cambridge. It took us about 1 hour and a half to get there. Once we arrived, we split into two different groups and we visited one of the thirty one different universities that are located in Cambridge.

After that,  we walked around the streets of the city while we saw some of the other universities, Corpus Cristi College, King’s College and Trinity College are some examples, all of them were absolutely incredible and we had the chance to take lots of pictures

At 13:15 we had lunch and from this hour to 16:00 we enjoyed our free time shopping and having fun with our  friends. Finally we took our bus back and we had dinner with our host family. This was another incredible day of this unforgettable travel.

Júlia Sánchez and Júlia Moliner